Top Things to Know About Ecommerce Solution Shopify

//Top Things to Know About Ecommerce Solution Shopify

Top Things to Know About Ecommerce Solution Shopify

Is Shopify Easy-To-Use?

Shopify includes every essential required to build a successful ecommerce website. It’s easy and quick to sell online when you choose Shopify. Just select the one from plenty of ecommerce website templates, add your products, and start taking orders from your storefront.

Is Shopify Secure And Safe For Customers?

Shopify is lauded for its security feature. It is known to process 10,000 sales a minute and offers a 99.98% uptime with unlimited bandwidth. Know that in peak shopping events like black Friday, uptime of your store becomes quite crucial. So, invest on such ecommerce website builder that can assure you 99.98% uptime like Shopify. Also, all credit card and transaction information is well secured by the same security level used by banks. In fact, Shopify is certified level 1 PCI compliant.

Shopify allows selling on Facebook

The fact that Facebook now offers a visible shop section, you can drop the idea of creating an ecommerce website. Instead, start selling from your Facebook account by choosing Shopify lite. Considering millions and billions of people access Facebook by mobile devices only, it’s a smart decision to set this up. This way you will be dealing with your customers directly via Facebook messenger.

Shopify Give Powerful Insights about Your Business

At a glance, you can view either storefront is gaining success or approaching towards failure. With Shopify’s insightful reports, you can manage sales, view which products are making sales and which are not. In addition, you can share reports with your staff, and filter them as well to get exactly what you’re looking for.

How Shopify Can Help You Set Up Detailed Customer Profiles?

A personalized experience has become today’s need. Shopify helps their clients in anticipating customers shopping habits. This anticipation is possible only due to Shopify’s ability to keep record of customers order history. Shopify also encourages owners to gain return customers with their customer account feature – which they can create while at checkout.

Does Shopify offer SEO?

SEO can impact ecommerce sales. Shopify offers all required SEO tools that can drive online as well as offline traffic. A Shopify store automatically generates a sitemap file that includes link to all products, categories and pages, images and collections. Search engines Google and Bing use this sitemap file to index your website. This makes your website visible to others in search results.


Give your store an edge over your competitors by using ecommerce solution Shopify. Start selling online quickly.

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