Getting Tools to City Schools

What Teachers are Saying about the lack of school supplies

"It's a negative cycle. Without materials, the work doesn't get done, and without the work, there is little incentive to buy into school at all so the supplies don't get purchased. Grades and test scores suffer if a student is ill-equipped. Without the right materials, kids disconnect and eventually drop out."
Dan O'Connor, teacher
Lyons Public School, Brooklyn

"Everything sends a message. When schools don't have supplies, the message is that the students are not important people doing important work. Our students already have doubts about their importance and the value of school. The children without pencils learn to pretend that they don't care about being prepared, but it is clearly a source of stress. When you've lost your last pencil, it's hard not to feel like a loser. Conversely, having a pencil to lend is a social plus. I have purchased countless supplies for my students over the years. Receiving these things from a teacher feels special to students. It's a practical and tangible expression of care and affection."
Lynn Yellen, teacher
P.S. 49, Brooklyn

"In addition to helping students, free supplies benefit teachers. It's simple. More support means better teacher effectiveness in the classroom."
Karali Pitzele, Principal
The Brooklyn Green School

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